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Thermographic Testing

Excessive heat has been the bane of electrical equipment ever since the first uses of electricity. When equipment overheats, systems fail. When systems fail, it can cost you lots of money to repair, replace, and even the indirect cost of not having a system up and running can be very costly to your company. However, until recently, it was difficult and expensive to determine which component was at fault.

Advancements in infrared detection equipment now provide us with thermographic imaging capabilities that detect problem areas associated with excess heat. Utilizing thermographic imaging, technicians can locate and diagnose issues before they become critical. Whether stressed or defective parts, loose or oxidized connections, or over-utilized circuits, we can take corrective action before these issues can cause equipment failure. The end result will save you money, limit safety risks, and minimize downtime.


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UniPower LLC has invested in a full range of thermographic imaging test equipment which, when combined with our extensive training, lets us handle testing for all of your equipment – regardless of the brand. Also, since problems can occur more frequently as equipment ages, regular thermographic inspections help ensure your equipment last longer, and reduces the hefty costs associated with catastrophic failure and downtime.

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