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Balanced flooded battery design is the key to long battery life and consistent daily battery performance. For those committed to the traditional practices of battery watering, specific gravity checks, and minimal investment, GNB® Flooded Classic batteries are the ideal solution for use in all classes of industrial forklift trucks.

The state-of-the-art technology used in GNB® Flooded Classic batteries incorporates an inset lug and tapered wire design, thus maximizing current paths and lowering internal resistance. This translates into more usable power and longer battery runtime. The GNB Flooded Classic battery design also eliminates the need for high specific gravity electrolyte that provides runtime at the expense of battery life. The balance struck between electrolyte specific gravity, active material and lead in the battery plate grid optimizes the battery life and performance.

GNB® Flooded Classic batteries are designed to deliver consistent, reliable power. They’re engineered to increase the efficiency of power production. As a result, they can improve your forklift trucks’ running time and reduce maintenance over the life of the battery. Available in a wide range of sizes – we’re sure to have a battery to fit your needs.

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