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Power Conditioning

Electronic equipment is often extremely sensitive, and affected by disruption. No matter how reliable your power utility, electricity is often delivered with surges, sags, and noise. Other conditions, locally, such as inductive loads on the line, and fluorescent lighting also affect power quality. If left unaddressed and uncorrected, these anomalies can wreak havoc on sensitive equipment. But that’s just from the perspective of the equipment. Imagine what that means when the equipment is being used to treat humans. We depend on medical equipment – run by electricity – to be reliable. If there is any disruption to this equipment, it could affect the treatment to the patient. Cancer patients rely on medical equipment to deliver just the right amount of radiation, and any disturbance in the power delivery will affect the equipment’s performance, and also the radiation dosage. Power conditioners, by stabilizing voltage, provide medical devices, computers, elevators, process control equipment, and other business assets the clean power needed to operate with precision and longevity.

Because power problems vary by application and environment, we prefer to conduct a power study to identify your specific power issues – issues you might not be aware of. Once we understand your conditioning requirements ,working closely with top power conditioner manufacturers, we will design a solution matched to your equipment and environment, and our factory trained personnel will install it to specification.


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But our job doesn’t end there. We offer preventative maintenance, parts depot, and monitoring services to ensure your investment maintains its peak performance. We look beyond just the power conditioning services we provide. Our attention to detail and to your overall business needs means you not only get the best operation out of your power conditioning equipment – you get the best from all your attached equipment.

To learn more about how UniPower LLC ensures you are “Powered for peace of mind,” contact us online, or call us at 888-822-4767. For more information on specific products, visit our online power store.

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