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Battery Testing and Maintenance

Batteries are used in many different types of emergency and electronic equipment, including Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), telecommunications switchgear, radiation and oncology treatment machines, emergency lighting systems, and fire and security alarm systems. Today’s equipment and your business relies more and more on batteries to maintain key business elements. However, battery systems are only as strong as the weakest battery in them. Ox does a battery maintenance program really make a difference? Absolutely! Proper maintenance extends the life of your batteries and improves their reliability. By minimizing new battery purchases, you’ll save money, and you’ll gain peace of mind by knowing that your battery backup system is ready to perform as designed in case of a power failure. UniPower LLC has the most advanced equipment available for faster, more reliable testing. Our highly trained staff will implement testing procedures designed to exceed industry standards for testing sealed batteries (IEEE 1188) and flooded batteries (IEEE 450). Don’t let one marginal battery drain the life out of your equipment or turn the lights out in your facility. Let UniPower LLC come in and test your battery systems to ensure you are prepared for the next power failure.


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