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Emergency Lighting

It’s not just a good thing to do – it’s the law. The National Electronic Code (NEC) and the National Fire Protection Excel Emergency Light and Exit Combo Agency (NFPA) both require that all buildings be equipped with a minimum of 90 minutes of egress lighting in the event of an emergency. In fact, depending on the building, two hours of egress lighting may be required. These vitally important systems are so crucial that they are usually one of the first systems installed and commissioned during the construction of a new building. If you happen to be a building supervisor, you could be asked to produce a record of testing and maintenance for your emergency lighting systems at any time. Failure to do so could shut down your building, and in turn, your business, and even your livelihood. Knowing this, are you in compliance? When was the last time you tested or performed maintenance on your emergency lighting equipment?


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At UniPower LLC, we know and fully understand the federally mandated codes, and we can design a maintenance program to keep you safe, and in compliance with the federal laws.  We will run monthly tests, complete with annual full system evaluations.  Utilizing an asset management checklist will ensure that nothing is overlooked, and written reports are readily available to verify testing and maintenance procedures.

UniPower’s LLC mass of experience and close relationships with each and every major manufacturer means your business gets a system that is tailor-made to fit your technology needs.  First, we would look at and evaluate your current operations, and from that assessment, point out any vulnerabilities.  Next, we’ll design and build a solution exclusively for your operation, based on factors and limitations such as physical environment, anticipated usage, and budget.  Finally, we will follow through with on-time delivery, installation, start-up, training, maintenance, and 24×7 emergency support and monitoring.

To find out if you are compliant and for a test of your building’s emergency lighting system, contact us online or call us at 888-822-4767.

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