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Battery Removal and Disposal

Batteries used in UPS systems, generators, emergency lighting inverters, switchgear and telecom applications contain heavy metals  and a chemical electrolyte which react to produce the battery’s electrical power.  If a dead battery is not properly removed and recycled, these heavy metals and chemicals can end up in waste dumps which then can seep into our water supply.  Recycling also keeps the cost to produce new batteries down and reduces the need to search for new larger supplies of natural resources to make them.  A typical lead-acid battery is made of 60-80% recycled lead and acid.

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UniPower LLC provides insured, EPA certified removal and disposal of all types of batteries, including lead acid, sealed lead acid and nickel cadmium that meets all local, state and federal regulations. 

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UniPower LLC is a certified Minority Woman Owned Small Business Enterprise (MWBE)