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UniPower LLC is proud of the conscious steps we have made in reducing our impact on the environment and for serving as a model of environmental change in our industry. Our policy on advancing environmental efforts includes many areas of operation, including:

Think Green

UniPower LLC continuously strives to reduce its carbon footprint by making decisions and implementing procedures and technologies that would reduce energy consumption in our workplace.  We also seek to partner with companies that allow us to offer products and services that help our clients reduce their energy consumption and improve their operating efficiencies.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

UniPower LLC has established procedures for reducing, reusing and recycling the materials that enter our workplace.  All cardboard received is reused or recycled.  All metals in equipment received are sorted and recycled.  Recycled paper and cardboard that exceed the minimum required EPA recommended post-consumer recycled content, shall be purchased for use when possible.

Reduce Energy

All UniPower LLC building systems, office equipment, computers, computer equipment, lighting, HVAC, etc. shall utilize energy efficient means of production and shall carry Energy Star certifications, wherever applicable.

When making service routes, all efforts shall be made to reduce the fuel utilized to complete the required routes.

Engage Employees

UniPower LLC employee engagement goes beyond typical environmentally related training elements such as spill control, battery recycling, and identification of potential waste.  Our employees are encouraged to seek new ways to more efficiently utilize resources, such as electricity, fuel, water, paper, etc.

Engage Vendors

UniPower LLC seeks and works with vendors that offer products and services that are energy efficient, reduce waste and improve our environmental impact.


All UniPower LLC employees shall be trained in the industry recognized and government mandated methods of handling, transport and disposal of hazardous materials including batteries, fluids, oils, etc.  Additionally, UniPower LLC employees shall be trained to offer solutions that can benefit and improve our clients’ energy efficiency.

To learn more about how you can improve your critical infrastructure equipment reliability and efficiency, minimize energy consumption, reduce cooling costs, and improving your overall environmental impact, please contact us online or call us at 888-822-4767.

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