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Batteries by Enersys

Dependence on continuous power or dial tone has never been more important with integrated networks and systems, yet worldwide power generation and distribution investments continue to lag behind the growing demand. EnerSys is the global leader in supplying reserve power (or standby power) batteries, which cover the range of applications:
• Wireline and Wireless Telecommunications,
• Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for computer systems, security, etc.
• Protection power for utility switchgear


With leading brands from North America, Germany, England, France, China, and many other countries, EnerSys has the reputation, technology and product range to cover all applications effectively. The industry’s largest demand is for a range of lead acid-based offerings due to the reliability, cost and recyclable features. EnerSys’ range of lead acid-based products is complete up to 12,000 AH:
• Flooded or classic (flat plate, tubular & plante)
• VRLA – gel and AGM large 2V cells
• High power discharge UPS block products
• Industry leading front termination AGM blocks
• Advanced technology “TPPL or SBS” pure lead designs EnerSys has led the industry in providing advanced stored power solutions featuring long life, energy density, cyclic performance, and high temperature resistant designs.

EnerSys provides battery designs made in North America, Europe and China to afford our global leading customers compatible, highly-reliable components that integrate seamlessly into their global supply chains.

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